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Important information about carpet binding

One of the things that makes an area rug or runner look utterly amazing is a beautiful carpet edging. It not only “finishes” the piece but can often help protect against damage or wear in areas with high traffic levels. Every area rug requires binding of some type, and you can choose the specific style you want for every rug you own or purchase, which we’ll describe in greater detail here.

Here are some carpet binding options

Binding is a process that adds a finishing touch to your area rugs. On the one hand, it keeps the carpet piece you’ve chosen for your rug from raveling and ending its lifespan very quickly. It can also create a beautiful visual touch that makes it the perfect addition to your interior design scheme.
There are three main types of binding used to finish area rugs:

1. Binding – This process is the most affordable and uses a strip of either binding tape or fabric to create a decorative edge. A machine carries out this process, and the binding is available in a wide variety of colors so that your rug is closely matched.

2. Serging – also done by machine, this process closely resembles hand finishing as a fiber is wound, over and over, around the edge of the rug piece. It’s a higher-end appearance, but there are not as many choices for color.

3. Fringe – In rugs that feature hand-knotting, fringing is a necessary part of the binding process. However, it only provides a visual appeal in machine-bound rugs. Fringing should be reserved for area rugs and runners placed in low-traffic areas, as they require a bit more to clean and maintain properly.

We’re your showroom for carpet binding needs

When you need carpet binding in Midland, TX, Action Discount Carpet is a great place to visit. In our showroom, we provide excellent materials and services that can turn any carpet into a perfectly bound work of art in all your most important spaces. Additionally, you can bring your rugs in to be adjusted with a binding of your choice, creating something new that adds a splash of perfection to any décor.

Our associates are friendly, experienced, and ready to help with any sized project. We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction and will work alongside you to create the look, feel, and the results you desire. So no matter what type of carpet binding you need, be sure to visit us.