It’s true that, for decades, nylon has made up the bulk of carpet produced. Nylon is a durable fiber that is resistant to crushing and matting. After nylon came polyester. This was in the '60s, and people noticed its resemblance to wool with its look and feel. Both fibers can be found at Action Discount Carpet’s showroom in Midland, TX. So let's look at them a little closer.


Polyester is a synthetic carpet that has a natural softness and vibrant colors. It has an inherent stain resistance, so spills don't penetrate the fibers of the carpet. It is ideal for low-traffic areas in the home, like bedrooms. It resists fading, so it will go well in sunlit rooms. Polyester has an eco-friendly aspect to it. It is made from recycled plastic drinking bottles.


For over 60% of homeowners, nylon is the fiber of choice. It, too, is a synthetic fiber that is remarkably resilient. It bounces back after being compressed, so heavy furniture and heavy electronics will leave no lasting indentations on it after being moved. Nylon is also abrasion-resistant and very durable, so it is suitable for high-traffic areas in your home, like hallways, living rooms, and dining rooms. It is more costly than polyester, but it has excellent value for the price.

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