What do you do if you have a high-traffic home but still want carpeting? The quick answer is to choose a durable surface that stands up to whatever your home dishes out.

Carpet flooring offers impressive options that fit any homeowner's needs. And here are some ideas that can help you make a reasonable decision for your upcoming remodel.

Extreme traffic requires extreme measures

You'll find high-traffic areas in homes with pets, children, or both, especially in hallways. For these spaces, consider brands with built-in stain and odor protection.

Some brands even feature pet-specific protection that guarantees your best results. These can help prevent premature carpeting replacement in more than one space.

Less traffic requires less protection

A simple nylon carpet fiber will work well if you only have moderately high traffic. It's excellent for preventing matting and crushing and for better-looking floors longer.

And in low-traffic areas, you can prevent permanent stains with a good polyester carpet fiber. Each option can fit your needs well when you choose the suitable material.

Yes, you can have carpet

You don't have to settle for a lesser floor covering because you have high traffic or pets. The fact is, there are exceptional options that will cater to all your needs.

Speak with a flooring professional about your specific requirements and traffic levels. Once you share your vision, we can do the rest.

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